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About us

An all new complete underlay (building wrap) system (FPS®) that protects both timber and steel wall and roof frames from outside weather and internal moisture during construction and for the reasonable lifespan of the building.

The FPS® (Frame Protection System) consists of components thoroughly tested, proven and certified for all New Zealand conditions.

The FPS® has a range of compatible underlays, tapes, seals and fastenings that will provide:

  • 90 days UV exposure - so can be a interim cladding
  • Water proof from the outside – ensuring material durability and performance
  • Wind tight – with products suitable for very high wind speeds, exposed and multi-level buildings.
  • High vapour permeability from the inside to outer side – ultimate drying capabilities
  • Strong materials - tear resistant, robust but easy to handle and install
  • Cost effective – affordably priced.Comprehensively warranted and supported when installed correctly.
  • Codemark certified – ensuring Building Code compliance and certainty of performance.